About Me

About Me

Benjamin L. Johnson


My name is Dr. Benjamin Lee Johnson.  I am a robotics researcher working to develop more intelligent and reliable autonomous systems and vehicles.  I obtained my PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University in 2014, with a focus on Dynamics and Controls.  My B.S. was also in Mechanical Engineering (with a minor in Mathematics), from the University of Idaho.

My academic and professional interests lie in the application of formal methods and controller synthesis, and the use of Goal Reasoning to enable autonomous agents to adapt their behavior during execution.  I have a wide range of interests outside of my professional life, including: soccer, football, science fiction and fantasy (books and movies), and video games.

Please take a look at my research and publication pages, and if you have any interest send me an email to get in touch with me.  I am always happy to talk with others who have similar interests.