External Links

External Links

Below are links to a number of different websites that are of interest to myself, and may be of interest to other researchers. I have also included a short description of each, and would encourage you to visit any of these sites that may interest you.

LTLMoP Toolkit

LTLMoPThe Linear Temporal Logic Mission Planning (LTLMoP) toolkit is a python-based software toolkit for the creation of robotic controllers from high-level task specifications. The toolkit allows for specifications in temporal logic or structured English, and synthesizes correct-by-construction, reactive controllers for mobile robots. The toolkit is actively developed, and includes tools for debugging, simulating, and executing the synthesized controllers.

Verifiable Robotics Research Group

Verifiable RoboticsThe Verifiable Robotics Research Group at Cornell University is led by Professor Hadas Kress-Gazit, and conducts research on topics related to the verifiable control of robotic systems. This involves techniques such as controller synthesis that allow users to automatically generate correct-by-construction robot controllers from formal task specifications.


ActorSimActorSim is a (soon-to-be) open source software project aimed at providing a general platform to facilitate research on Goal Reasoning. The project is maintained by Dr. Mak Roberts, at the US Naval Research Laboratory, and provides a framework for formalizes the Goal Reasoning process and can connect to external simulators, executives, and planners.